Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Tiny, Tiny Portrait

2" x 2 " oil on wood

I think this is the smallest oil painting I've done and the first one of an animal. This is Gaucho, our dog that died this year. I painted it for a gift for my husband for his birthday (which was yesterday).  We found Gaucho in 2006 in dire condition in our neighborhood.  We were able to nurse him back to health and when he was fully recovered he turned out to be a funny, smart and spunky little dog. He was a mutt, we think predominantly chihuahua. My husband is really tall and Gaucho was a wee little guy; they made a sweet pair.  We were all heart broken when he died in June and he is missed dearly.  The painting is in the top of a small wooden box that opens to reveal inside his leather collar and tag.

Stamped on the plaque under the painting is "GAUCHO   JUNE 4 2011". The entire piece is about the size of this picture.  I like that it can fit in your pocket.