Sunday, June 10, 2012

Needle and Thread

6 x 6 inches, oil on panel

I love sewing.  I always enjoy sitting at my old Singer.  It's a beautiful machine from 1940 that just goes forward and backward, and I think weighs than my youngest son.   My favorite projects are inventing my own patterns or trying to alter something.  I'm mostly self-taught so it's always an adventure when I try to make  something... oh,  so much to learn.


  1. Gabel, this is so finely detailed. I can tell you spent some serious time with this one. What a lovely and timeless composition. I especially like the color of the thread next to the silver thimble.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I found this to be a super challenging painting. I struggled with that bowl. I think I ended up scrapping it and painting it over four times. And I originally painted it with a maroon background too but it looked so harsh and loud. I was aiming for a quiet and gentle feel so I changed it. I'm pretty happy with the results but there's always things you see you could improve on. The thimble is my favorite part and it's probably the section I spent the least amount of time on.