Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graphite Portrait #2

My sister-in-law:

14" x 11", graphite on paper


  1. Are the lightest strands of her hair completely without color, or is there a bit of pencil? It fascinates me when an artist has to shade around something light to give that something shape. Know what I mean? Do you start seeing the world in terms of the supporting shadows around lighter-colored objects?

    1. Yes, the lightest strands of hair are just the color of the paper. To make them show up, I very lightly shaded around them. I love that technique. It's the same in painting---when you want an area to appear lighter you can actually make it lighter or make the area around it darker, the contrast brightens it up.

      I do, especially in moments of quiet, look at objects and people in terms of lights, darks and shadows and imagine painting them. The subtleties can be so beautiful and inspiring.