Saturday, September 28, 2013


8" x 10", Oil on paper

I'm trying out Arches Huile paper for the first time.  It can take oil paint directly without primer.


  1. Does the wine on the right look more red in person, too? I never would have thought a green base would do that.

    1. The wine on the right is more red. On the left since I painted directly on white (of the paper) and since my red, alizarin crimson, is on the transparent side I mixed it with blue and cadmium red to get that deeper color (otherwise it would be too pinkish). On the right side, I didn't mix the bulk of the wine color part with anything, just straight alizarin. Glazing over green can have that effect, giving a rather transparent red a bright richness in both its darks and lights, giving it more depth. On the next post, the single wine glass, I did add blue to my alizarin that I painted over the green underpainting because I wanted the wine to be darker, but looking back at my study I kind of like it more red!