Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Eraser and the French Curve

7 1/2" x 5", Oil on paper


  1. Wow, just seeing this one. At an intellectual level, I know it's possible to think of any visual thing in terms of color in order to represent it, but transparent/translucent objects always catch me eye in paintings, and I think, How'd she DO that?

  2. catch *my* eye. Haha. Sounded like a pirate there.

    1. Pirate…that made me laugh, especially when I read it again :)
      I love gazing at transparent and translucent objects and thinking what color is that? how would I paint that? I found that French curve to be so subtle and elegant and even more so next to that bright and straight eraser. I think they were on a date :) . That was a fun painting.