Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Flowers from Karibou

7 x 5 oil on canvas panel

This was fun to paint but REALLY hard to photograph.  Maybe the paint is too wet?  Once it dries I'll try and take a new picture that doesn't have that glare.  The background is a deep maroon that gradates almost to a black. I'm wondering too if painting on canvas with its texture is also responsible for the glare?  I need to figure something out because my photos look washed out. *note: I replaced the first picture that had lots of glare but this one still looks washed out. Those dark surfaces...


  1. Look at you go Gabel!!!!! Every day so far, and they look great! I do think the canvas can make the pictures have more glare. Some are more tricky than others. Congrats on what you have made so far and excited to see more!!

  2. dearest gabel, your light shines through all of your work with such love and clarity that I am left spellbound and awe-inspired every, single time. thank you.

  3. I would repeat what miss 'bou said.