Sunday, July 29, 2012

Portrait Sketches in Prismacolor

Even though this summer I haven't been able to paint, I draw a little everyday.  For awhile I was doing a portrait a day to practice capturing faces.  In trying different drawing media I fell upon Prismacolor Markers and my drawing people routine morphed into doing some experimental abstract sketches.   Once I felt I was getting the hang of the markers, I returned to doing portraits and now I'm finally getting around to posting some of them (as some are really too bad to share!).  I think they're a bit odd (and a little off) but I'm really loving the medium.  I don't do any preliminary drawing, I just jump right in with the pens.  There's no going back on mistakes---I have to work with the marks I put down.  It's a joy to make these sketches.

Here are some of my favorites in order starting from the most recent (today):

Jonathan Toulin

Mrs. Nolan

Bob Smith

Gloria Smith

Mrs. Martin

Mrs. Sanders

Shane Winfield
LaVonda July

Christopher Koster

The Violin Player

The Chef

Man in Gray


  1. Are the top portraits yearbook photos? The hair takes me back to the 80s :) Congrats on trying a new medium!

    1. Yes! Some are from a yearbook, 1984. That makes me so happy that you can tell they're from the 80's. I can't get over how fun they are to make (and funny looking they are), I'm tempted to translate the whole book.