Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Time

Summer and the last couple of weeks:

When school lets in June our routines and schedules seem to evaporate.   I so enjoy these months but it is difficult to paint.  My boys are young and want to hang out with me (and I want to hang out with them) and I know that before I can blink too many times, that won't be the case---they'll want to be hangin' with their friends, not their mom.  I try to squeeze in painting when I can but I work best when I can do it on a more daily basis with uninterrupted blocks of time. Instead of getting frustrated because that's hard to negotiate and that I'm not painting, I pick projects that I can weave into the rhythm of our days. Right now it's a sewing venture. While I'm working on it, the boys and I orbit around each other. I'll be cutting material on the living room floor while pirate ships are circling about, sword fights are happening overhead (and our dog thinks the freshly spread out material is the best place to lay) or sewing at the table while they're drawing robots etc...---always close to each other. Then we take breaks and go on adventures: to swim, to the movies, to visit friends, to the park, and then return to the house and resume our individual activities. It all makes for a (mostly) peaceful and happy house.

My sewing project now is making a partial slipcover for a antique couch I inherited from my great grandmother.  I know---slipcover---not very exciting, but it is!  I love to sew, especially items of my own invention. The couch is white.  I have three boys and a dog in the house...  For the last couple of years I've draped quilts over it to extend its life --- not a look I like. So, we'll see if my plan works.

I've been thinking of this project since the couch came to me. It's a joy that it's finally coming to fruition.  When it's done, it's so satisfying---well, that is if it looks good---never know until the end.  I think I'll be done next week, I'll post the results.

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