Thursday, May 2, 2013

Figure Studies

Figure Study #6

10" x 8",  oil on primed paper

This is from today's life drawing session, another  2 1/2 hour pose. It's very unfinished, but if I rush (as I have done in the past) it turns into a mess. I'm hoping with continual practice I'll be able to get further each time.  Painting from life is so different than from photos and for me, so much more satisfying, but a live model isn't always possible.  So, below is one did a few days ago using a photo reference. I timed it, pretending I was attending a life drawing session, for more practice, trying to be more decisive and efficient. Even though I finished it more (cheated a little, bit over three hours) I think the above one has more life.

Figure Study #4
10" x 8 ", oil on primed paper

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  1. They both look great, but I agree the top one does have more life. Love all the warm colors!