Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Figure Study #21 and #22

This is from a life drawing session today. I'm trying not to let myself do just a portrait when I come to these sessions.  The temptation is strong because I'm working small but I really want to practice the whole figure.  I went back to painting oils which was so nice.

#22, oil on gessoed paper, 10" x 8"

Below is from last week. I wasn't so crazy about this one but I do like the quality of the pastels in places so I thought I'd go ahead and share it.  The other thing that's different about using pastels vs paint for me is that I sit while I draw and stand while I paint. When standing I can easily step back and look with a fresh eye at my progress. Sitting while I work I often wait too long to get up to check for mistakes.  That's want happened with #21. I was well into it when I realized the proportions were wrong so I had to stretch her out and that cut off part of her head.

#21, oil pastel on paper, 9" x 12"

#21 detail

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  1. Ooo, interesting that you made a connection between your physical position and your process. I love that kind of stuff.