Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Portrait Study #19

12" x 9", oil pastel and markers on paper

Finally…. another portrait attempt at a life drawing session I attended today.  It's been super busy these last few weeks but hopefully life will slow a bit  now and I'll get to draw and post more.


  1. Dave just brought up how interesting (and not intuitive) it is that you use green under and around the skin, but your subjects don't look sick. :) Pretty cool, from two non-painters' perspectives.

    1. Thanks. It is weird. Most of the right side of her face under the pastels is shades of green marker. On the left side there's barely any marker except some pink ( cheeks, chin and around the eye) and dark blue (in the hair and in the iris). I think the green really helps me make the shadows work. I learned this concept from the Verdaccio class I took last August.

      One of these times I'll take a picture of the under sketch before I add color. It looks pretty funky. I LOVE working this way.