Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Four Ground Trial with Persimmon

6 in x 6 in gessoed crescent board

A tonal ground study--- Usually, before I start a painting, I tone my surface a day or two ahead of time. Lately I haven't been happy with the way my colors have come out. So, before doing this next painting I wanted to do a test. Each square has a different under tone: 1-burnt umber, 2- burnt sienna, 3- Winsor violet, 4- no tone (gesso white) then blocked in shapes with burnt umber.  You can really see how that under tone effects the color, especially with oranges and whites. Also, I think my toning has been too much, too saturated with pigment, making it hard for me to get bright colors. I'm excited to see how this next painting comes out.  I'm going with the fourth square model to try and capture those brilliant oranges of a persimmon.

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  1. This is a great example of what your blog is about - daily work to learn and improve your craft. And that persimmon's really pretty.