Friday, January 27, 2012

Metal Flowers

6in. x 6in., oil on panel

Yesterday evening, the postman delivered a new tube of titanium white that I had ordered from Utrecht Art Supply.  When I unscrewed the cap, I was amazed to find it so creamy and smooth, like soft butter---not at all like my old stuff. I couldn't wait to try it today, so I set aside a larger painting I have been working on and did this flower study. What a joy! I have never worked with such a luscious white.


  1. This is lovely. The green parts of the flowers look like they are dancing.

  2. They really are metal flowers. I found them at a thrift store recently. I feel pretty certain they'll be in more paintings to come.

  3. I like your descriptions of the paint itself. It's cool to hear that texture can be pleasing to the painter during the process, as well as the viewer in the product.

  4. Wow, metal flowers. Intriguing!
    I really like how tight the composition is, how the flowers look like they are trying to push out of the frame.