Monday, January 9, 2012

Sketchbook Portrait- The Mayor

watercolor, charcoal, & graphite
I played with this one a little bit. First I did a fast contour sketch of my reference and then quickly blocked in the darkest value, mid-value and then white.

watercolor, charcoal, & graphite
Then I re-sketched it and did a more detailed drawing. This one looks much more like him, but I kind of like the first one better---I like that he looks a little grumpy.  My goal with these faces is to eventually feel confident enough to ask a live person to sit for me.  When I get that down, I'd like to try some small, quick paintings which would eventually lead to larger portraits.  I have a portrait project idea in mind but I need to strengthen my skills to pull it off. Anyway, that's the intention with all these portraits but also, they're just plain fun to practice.

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