Thursday, August 8, 2013

Figure Study #13

14" x 11", acrylic and oil on paper

I did this study in two session----last Thursday and today. The first two hour pose I did in tones of green with acrylic (below), then the second I painted over it in oils.  I could barely sleep last night with the anticipation of getting to add the color today. Even though I didn't get to finish it completely and there's some funny parts I'm pretty happy with it. 

14" x 11", acrylic on paper

Monday, August 5, 2013

What's New --- Verdaccio

Figure Study #12

10" x 8", acrylic and oil on primed paper
I did this a couple weeks ago at the open studio two hour pose.  I began by doing a green tonal underpainting in acrylic and then finished it with oils on top as sort of an experiment.  At the time, I saw  a lot I wanted to change and planned to paint more on it at home but I never got to it.  Now I'm kind of glad I didn't mess with it.  I even like the yellow and blue preliminary sketch marks coming through.

Then something very different:

Verdaccio Study #1

14" x 11" Oil on linen

This is the verdaccio style painting I've been working on for a couple of weeks. The underpainting is complete and next I'll start adding color in thin transparent layers.
I'm taking an informal class with portrait artist Debra Richardson to learn her verdaccio method.  She provided the reference image for this study. Everyone in the class is using the same picture; it's super interesting to see how different each is turning out. I am eager to finish this one and to start another but of my own image.