Monday, April 13, 2015

Something Different

I've been painting quite a bit  but I haven't been happy with the outcomes.  I've done a lot of wiping away of hours of work and feeling frustrated,  but I am super excited about these eggs I dyed a week ago and thought I would share them.   My boys and I dyed a dozen boiled white eggs with regular food coloring, vinegar and water.  Once they felt theirs were finished they ran off to play, while I remained planted at the kitchen table with my array of coffee cups and puddles of dye dipping, soaking and holding still for at least another hour. These three I couldn't bare to crack and eat  but now that I've taken photos, they'll be gone tomorrow.

They remind me of my days as a printmaker where I would do multi-plate monotypes.  Even though they would be carefully planned and imagined there were often pleasant surprises when I lifted the paper up off the plate---a way a color mixed or a line intersected with another---making these eggs brought back those fond memories.