Friday, February 3, 2012

Sketchbook Portrait- The Earthquake Lady

watercolor, prismacolor pencil, charcoal, & graphite pencil
Today I tried and tried to create a block of time in which to paint but the day had other plans for me, but I did do this sketch this morning.  I read this interesting article about the women above who besides being a revered seismologist, she's a mother of two, has a doctorate in geophysics, a B.A. in Chinese language and literature, and she plays the viola de gamba (a Baroque, cello-like instrument)---how interesting and cool is that!


  1. She has a really interesting brain to engage in scientific, linguistic, and creative pursuits. Or maybe she's just using more of her brain than most folks. Great face and hair.

  2. What an over-achiever! I didn't get that gene.

    I like her facial expression, and how her eyes create a nice diagonal in your composition.
    You did a really nice job capturing her!

  3. I didn't get that gene either. I love that she does so many different things and in turn gets to engage (I'm assuming) with many different kinds of people. And her work takes her all around the world---fascinating life.
    She was fun to draw.