Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#8 Pigeon Study with Cloud

10" x 8" Oil on linen mounted on panel

For Mother's Day my sons surprised me with their own pigeon art.   My youngest made a sculpture with newspaper, masking tape, wire and paint. He signed his name on the tag around his ankle. I love everything about it. Just look at those feet and the little bits of color on his neck.

My oldest, in the thick of a stomach bug, made an origami pigeon and a card inspired by the pigeon that got into my paints. I love the little scratch painting she's doing. We renamed her Picasso (we use to call her 58, her tag number). She still has some paint on her breast feathers.


  1. wow!! what great Mother's Day presents!! Love the pigeon with the sky!!

  2. Your boys are amazing. ♥️
    Your pigeon study with cloud blows me away. If you ever feel like making a similar one, please call me.